"Need Your Roof Repaired?"

"Stop tiny roof leaks from becoming
GIGANTIC roof repair nightmares!"

"Never Worry about a Leaking Roof Again - Guaranteed!"

Dear Carolina Homeowner,

How would you like to put those nagging worries about a leaky roof behind you? You may be surprised to learn that it can be done more quickly and affordably than you might imagine.

Yes, I understand your budget might be limited right now and compared to all the other stuff that may be going haywire in your world; a leaking roof seems like such a small thing to stress over. After all, you can just put down another plastic bucket or two to catch the rain drips and you are good to go until the next big rain storm... Right?

You could be making a HUGE mistake...

Believe it or not, a seemingly tiny thing like a leaking or damaged roof, no matter how miniscule, can not only ruin your precious home and cost you a fortune in roof repairs but water leaks can also swamp you in an unexpected flood of medical expenses due to mold related health issues.

Putting off those roof repairs may cause a lot more damage than you might think. Let me tell you a true story of one family and their leaking roof.

The "Starks" were your typical hard working North Carolina family. (NOTE: all the names of the family members have been withheld due to a nondisclosure clause in their legal settlement.)

Both parents, "Jack" and "June" had struggled for years to build a solid and secure future for both themselves and their kids. Happily, they were both successful in their careers and were finally able to build their "dream" home for their family.

But once their new home was completed and they had moved in, they noticed a small roof leak. Naturally they called the developer's office and a "roofing" guy came over to inspect and repair the damage. And the repair seemed to work for a little bit. But over the next several months, they noticed dampness in their home and found unexplainable wet spots around the house.

They made even more calls and even more repair people came over but the "little roof leak" never seemed to get fixed. But soon Jack and June were distracted by the recurring respiratory problems suffered by one of their children.

First the illness started out as sneezing with watery eyes and the pediatrician felt that it was just sinusitis brought on by some allergies. But soon their once healthy and laughing child was suffering almost daily from then undiagnosed respiratory attacks.

Then June, herself came down with a series of chronic and debilitating lung and immune health issues that eventually kept her from working. The loss of her income hurt them financially.

The Starks, who could now smell mildew coming from one their rooms, finally got fed up and called in an independent, professional roofing company to inspect their roof and fix that "little roof leak".

This is how they became one of our customers...

Our company, LCM Builders, Inc. a roofing contractor based near Charlotte, NC visited the Stark home and made our inspection.

And this is what we discovered: a thick sludge of toxic mold and mildew along with rotting wood! All this from just one, single roof leak. And the house had several more hidden away in various areas in their attic...

(Click on a picture above for a larger view of the mess we found!)

Imagine our shock when the family told us they had only been in their newly constructed home for less than 2 years! In the 25 years we have been in construction, this was the worst case of dry rot and mold we had ever seen.

Naturally the situation described above is a very extreme example. Typically most homeowners do not experience such extensive wood rot and mold growth unless their roofing problems has gone undetected or has been neglected over a much longer time period.

But as you will soon discover, water penetration from roofing leaks may become very damaging to both your health and your house the longer it goes unchecked.

As for the "Starks", we removed and replaced all the rotted wood, installed new flashing and shingles plus repaired their roof leaks, along with other issues that had been hidden.

But despite our best efforts, it was too late.

Within months, the family was forced to move away from their new home because of their permanently compromised immune systems and resulting chronic respiratory problems due to toxic molds.

All because "some seemingly harmless roof leaks", their million-dollar dream home eventually became their own personal "nightmare on elm street".

What do you think would have happened if an experienced roofing contractor had inspected this family's leaking roof sooner?

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Is This for Real?
How Can a Roof Leak Cause So Much Damage?

Good Questions. Let me try and answer them. For the average homeowner, water from a neglected roof leak can be one of the most devastating things that could happen to your house outside of out a fire, a flood or some other natural disaster.

But every time I tell this story, someone always calls me an alarmist or complains that I'm trying to "scare" people. Alot of folks feel that it's "too much" and the story just is "too far out there!". I have been told, time and again,"no one is going to believe that a "little leak" is going to destroy their home.

Of course no one's house is going to fall down overnight due to a small roof leak! But over time, sooner than you may think is possible, water penetration into your home's envelope or weather barrier (roof, walls and floors) will lead to problems like wood rot and mold build-up.

Click the image below to print out and keep a FREE copy of our special report,

"Why Wood Dry Rots & How Roof Leaks can Ruin Your Home"

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Protect Your Home from Dry Rot & Mold!

The image above tells the true story. As long as water can drip down into your home, the more the surrounding wooden structures and panel will dry rot, which lets in even more water to pour inside your home.

Roof leaks leads to excess moisture which in turn leads to dry rot repair problems and chronic mold health issues. It's just a simple matter of biology and time.

Unless you break the cycle. No more roof leaks, no more water penetration, so no more damage to your home or your health. Stop the water and you stop the spread of these harmful wood rots and toxic molds; dead in their tracks.

Of course you may have to have a professional roofing contractor, repair or replace any damaged wooden structures as well as any bad shingles or tiles on your roof. But the longer you wait and put things off, the more extensive and expensive these repairs will get.

This is why having a roof evaluation performed by a licensed roofing contractor can save you from hours of worry and stress plus thousands of dollars in repair bills.

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"Losing Sleep over a Leaking Roof?"

If you are still suffering with the 3:00 AM "crazies", you know when you jerk awake in the middle of the night, only to lie in bed, tossing and turning for hours...believe me when I say, you DON'T have to live this way.

Imagine how you would feel if you didn't have any roofing worries anymore...

    You would sleep soundly, knowing that your and your family are resting safe and warm under a professionally, repaired roof...

    You won't have to worry about unsightly mold and mildews growing in your home and causing havoc with your walls and ceilings.

    You wouldn't have to stress out any more over mold-related illnesses or fear of running up expensive medical bills.

    You won't have to frantically rush home every time it rains for fear of water dripping down and ruining your furniture and other nice things.

    You would know that your property was safe from water damage and certain that your home's equity is not literally rotting away beneath your feet.

Finally enjoy a good night's rest along
with peace of mind....
Get a Roof Evaluation Done by Professionals!

Why a Roof Evaluation is so Important!

As you know by now, water penetration from a roof leak, if allowed to continue unchecked will eventually increase the moisture levels in your home. Seeping water not only creeps into wooden structures but also into hidden nooks filled insulation and other absorbent building materials as well.

What with the all these modern and energy-efficient materials inside most homes today; excess moisture becomes trapped and can take an extremely long time to evaporate.

This makes a perfect breeding ground for wood-eating fungus and wood rot of all kinds and in addition will accelerate the growth of common molds and mildews.

It only takes a 20% moisture level (i.e. wood that is damp to the touch) for dry rot to begin “fruiting” and to start sending out fine, microscopic strands of gray fungus into surrounding wood fibers.

And once established in an ideal environment, a wood fungus can grow as fast as 9 to 10 feet in a year's time and pass through microscopic cracks inside brick! Think about it ...while kudzu vines can grow at a rate of 60 feet a year here in the South, even they can't penetrate masonry walls.

But excess moisture can cause other problems as well...

For example, a roof that's going bad or that that doesn't shed rainwater properly can cause storm water to pool too close to your house and run down along your exterior foundation walls, causing cracks and seepage. This in turns can cause endless headaches dealing with a wet basement.

Any pooled water source can increase your home's overall humidity levels almost overnight. High moisture levels can quickly deteriorate laminated construction materials like plywood and weaken structures in ceilings, walls, and floors.

Not to mention, that excessive moisture, practically lays out the welcome mat for a whole host of wildlife: birds, bats, snakes (yes, snakes), squirrels and other vermin like bugs to take up residence in your home.

And in today's depressed real estate market, any kind of water or roof damage can cut the resale value of your home substantially. A roof leak not only lets in damaging water but it also allows your hard earned home equity to be washed away as well.

All the problems mentioned above can be avoided or at least reduced if homeowners would get a roof evaluation done by an experience roofing contractor.

Naturally, if your home has suffered storm damage or the rain is just pouring in, you would call for professional help. However, you may "ignore" what you consider to be just a small water problem, especially if you feel that the roof repair bill may cost you a bunch of money.

But in our experience, most minor roofing issues can be fixed quite inexpensively, so don't let your budget worries, stop you from calling and getting your roof inspected, if you need to!

Yet many homeowners are uncertain when is the RIGHT time to call in the "big guns" for an inspection and evaluation.

Request Our FREE Digital Roof Checklist for Homeowners Below...

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Be Safe, Be Certain...
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About LCM Builders

LCM Builders is a fully licensed and insured roofing contractor that performs roof installations, roof repairs and roof replacements as well as working as roofing consultants.

As a full service roofing company and general contractor based in Charlotte NC, LCM Builders serves both the residential and commercial communities in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area as well as the greater North Carolina and South Carolina region.

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Our team of professionals have been in the roofing industry since 1987. We have done roof installations on everything from commercial buildings to multi-million dollar homes to small, single-family bungalows. No job is too big or too small.

We make sure that our work meets or exceeds industry standards. This way you will get the best life expectancy possible from your roof investment.

We perform our roof repairs quickly and professionally without a hidden "price creep".

We will help you find the right and best roofing products and services for your home or business.

We can help whether it's a just a small roof leak, a total roof replacement or a complete remodel...one call does it all!


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Our Satisfied Clients

While I think it's plain to see that our company is more than qualified and able to help you with your roofing problems, you don't just have to take my word for it. Check out this partial list of our clients.

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Some of Our Completed Projects

Hundreds of private residences, both large and small.
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Simonini Builders, Inc. (New Homes - Charlotte, NC)

University of North Carolina at Charlotte  (Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC)

Hendersonville Ward - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Hendersonville, NC)

NC Department of Cultural Resources (Vance Historical Site – Asheville, NC)

Rozzelle’s Ferry Non-Profit Foundation (Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC)

Peachland Baptist Church (Peachland, NC)

74 Sales Company (Wadesboro, NC)

Wachovia Bank - LESCO Facility Management (Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC)

Freedom Park - Mecklenburg Parks & Recreation Department (Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC)

Trinity United Methodist Church   (Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC)

Monroe Ward - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Monroe, NC)

Monroe Waste Water Treatment Plant – City of Monroe (Monroe, NC)

Horse Shoe First Baptist Church (Horse Shoe NC)

Peachland Flea Market (Peachland, NC)

Kordsa, Inc. USA (Laurel Hill, NC)

Lexington Wastewater Treatment Plant – City of Lexington (Lexington NC)

University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Greensboro NC)

Rocky River Church -The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Hendersonville, NC)

John Glen Water Treatment Plant (upgrade) – City of Monroe (Monroe, NC)

Lillie Bennett Nursing Center - Anson Community Hospital   (Wadesboro NC)

Fort Mill Town Hall (Fort Mill NC)

Coddle Creek Water Treatment Plant – City of Concord (Concord NC)

McDowell Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant - Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities  (Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC)

Sugar Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant - Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities  (Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC)

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What Happens During a Roof Evaluation?

Don'f Fuss, Stay Dry with Us!

The Roofing Evaluation Process

We will inspect all roofing materials, flashing and underlying wooden structures for damage, deterioration, breakage or age-related problems.

We will provide a written estimate explaining how your roof repairs will be handled, so you will know just how much the project will cost.

We will have a professional with years of of roofing and home construction experience answer ALL your questions in plain English.

We will provide a photographic record if desired, of our roofing repairs as we work on your home, so you can "see" what's wrong and what needs to be done.

We will give you the expert roofing advice and documentation, you need when dealing with insurance adjusters, lawyers and other building professionals.

We will give you an iron-clad guarantee of knowing that any repairs we make will be completed to your satisfaction.


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The LCM Difference


When you call us, I personally promise that:

    When we give you an estimate we will not change that price after the job is complete because of some ‘unexpected’ condition. In the estimate we will explain the possible problems that may be encountered and will show you the conditions if we find them.

    We are a SERVICE oriented business and you will get an iron-clad guarantee of service after any repair work is done.

    We are responsive to our customers. A live person will answer our phones during all business hours. No complicated phone menus or mail systems.

    You will have your questions answered by a licensed roofing specialist. And if that person can’t answer your questions then they will find the answer and get back to you as soon as possible.

    Your time is considered to be as important as our own. If we are going to be late we will call you as soon as we know there is a problem. We will also schedule appointments at your convenience: nights, weekends or holidays, if necessary.

    We have nothing to hide. We will be happy to show you what we are working on and why. If it’s in an area you can’t easily access, we will take photographs or make a video.

    We understand that we are guests in your home or office. We will dress, speak and act professionally at all times.

You can make an appointment via phone or you can use the quick and easy form below to contact us via email to setup your 15-Point Roof Inspection.

Let us help you, whether it's a small roof leak, a complete roof replacement or a total home remodel...one call does it all!.

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"It's because I want to protect my family or employees from the possibility of harmful molds as well as secure the value of my property that I'm requesting an appointment using the secure contact form below."

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**Our 15-Point Roof Inspection does have some restrictions: Please see Question 5 for details.

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